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Product Review - Pro Signal PSG03720, HDMI Over CAT5

12/06/2013 12:22 PM
Ste Johnson

The Pro Signal PSG03720 is a device that enables HDMI signals to be transmitted over CAT5 (or better) cables to a remote location. In the box are the transmission device, the receiving device, a PSU (for the receiving device), a remote control receiver and a remote control transmitter. The transmission device takes its power from the HDMI cable attached to it. I purchased this device for £50, inclusive of VAT.

The documentation is very flaky, being an obvious translation from another language. The unit is easy to use and understand though, so the lack of quality documentation is not too much of a handicap.

The unit appears quite solidly made and well labelled up. Connecting it to my household cabling was an absolute doddle. The transmission device takes a standard HDMI signal as input and re-transmits this over a pair of CAT5 cables. The literature claims distances of 30M are achievable for 1080i and 55M for 1080p. However in my test, I ran it over 20M. This was a real-life test though, with the cables installed in my house, so it takes in the fact that there are the occasional tight bends in the cable, intersections with mains electricity cables, connection through a patch panel, etc.

The receiving device takes the two CAT5 cables as input and re-constitutes an HDMI output for the local device. In addition, the device comes with an IR receiver which can be placed on or near to the T.V. in that room. When IR signals are received, they are re-transmitted down the CAT5 cables to the transmission device. The unit comes with an IR blaster cable which has two IR transmitters attached to it. The IR signals from the remote location are re-transmitted through these IR transmitters. The transmitters can be attached directly to the devices to be controlled, or situated somewhere close to them. There is also an option to attach an additional pair of transmitters if they are needed.

The HDMI transmission worked well. However, the receiving device did require some adjustments making to it before it worked reliably. It has a rotary control labelled "equalisation" which needs to be adjusted to stabilise the signal. This did appear to be quite a faf, with alternate products not requiring this manual step. However, once done, the signal did seem to be reliably reproduced.

The one drawback of this product was the remote control receiver. Although it worked, it did not seem to pick up the signal as reliably as other products. Very often the remote control had to be pressed more than once if sitting further than a couple of metres away. Having mentioned this to the supplier, they have offered to test the unit and replace it if a problem is found. I'll update this post with the results of that.

In summary, this product does appear to be worth the £50 price tag if the remote control receiver problem didn't exist. The HDMI transmission works well over my house cabling, which is all the more impressive as the cables are terminated at a patch panel rather than being plugged directly into the unit. If they can fix the problem with the remote control receiver, I would definitely recommend this product. I will keep you posted.